How to Make Shio Koji

Left: Shoyu-koji   Right: Shio-koji  (shio しお、塩 meaning 'salt')

Shio-koji is a seasoning made with 'salt' and 'koji, rice malt' which has become very popular in recent years, but has been around in my hometown, Niigata from long, long ago.

Adding koji to salt and water mixture and letting it ferment will bring out the  natural sweetness and deep flavor without the sharp saltiness of the salt.

Shio-koji is used as a seasoning or used in pickling vegetables and marinating meat and fish.

Add to your dressings, sauces, or as salt substitute.

 This is a type of koji, called dry-koji. There are fresh whole koji which is more moist and comes in clumps.

Ingredients: koji, salt and water 

Dry Koji 300g
Sea salt 100g
Water 400g Add more as needed.

Ratio: Koji3:salt1:water4

It is recommended to use COOLED boiled water. Do not add hot water as the koji culture dies in heat over 128F.





Fill the jar with dry-koji granules, and salt.
Mix well.
Add water.
Koji should be immersed in water as koji absorbs the water.

Keep adding the water and make sure the koji is immersed at all times.

Mix well.

Lightly cover with plastic wrap or aluminum foil. At this point do not tighten the cover as fermentation is in process and during this process it creates carbon dioxide (CO2) gas and it needs to be released.

Keep the jar at room temperature.

Mix well from the bottom of the jar about once or twice a day.

Koji should be immersed in water at all times.
In a week or so the koji granules become soft.

You can start using it when it is soft.

Refrigerate. Will keep more than six months.


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