Preparing for the winter

Preparing for the winter

Cold and foggy morning, waiting for the fog to burn off, I head to the garden.

I really am not a farmer nor do I have a green thumb.
Gardening is hard work, but little by little I began to appreciate it.

This will be our last harvest for the season as we will be gone for three month.
Harvested all the zucchini that were left on the plant.
Green tomatoes are for frying tomorrow.

Roses are coming to an end too.

Not that I intentionally dried the string beans...but I got tired of harvesting them in the summer and now I have dried beans! 
For a beginner farmer, this was a surprise.

Found lots of beans in the soil. We should have lots of volunteer bean starts next spring.

After shoveling the weeds and fluffing the soil, I will sprinkle these 'cover crops'.
They will keep the garden bed nicely covered until I am ready for planting in the spring.

Gopher plants keep away gophers that love to dig holes.
Thanks to our neighbor and a friend for teaching me the gardening tips.

Onion bulbs and some flower bulbs will be planted before we leave for the winter.

Crown quails watching over the garden...They have a pretty feathery ornament on top of their head. They are probably thinking of eating the seeds I plant.

                                                  blowing in the wind ♫


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