Sushi Rice

Sushi rice, the basis of all the sushi. There are few tips to make your sushi rice tastier.

When cooking rice, Decrease the amount of water when cooking the rice.
Rice:Water = 1:1

As soon as the rice cooker is switched off, transfer the rice to a large bowl. Wooden salad bowl works, as the extra moisture of the rice is absorbed.

Fluff the rice and pour the sushi vinegar mixture


Fan the rice!
Turn the rice over with the spatula while fanning.

I sometimes use a electric fan which works really good.

Continue until the rice is completely cooled.

This cooling process makes the rice shiny and prevents rice from forming into clumps.

When it is cooled it is ready to use

Sushi rice vinegar:
3 cups medium grain sushi rice

4 tablespoons rice vinegar

3 tablespoons sugar
2 teaspoons salt

Mix well and set aside.

I make it in large quantities and store it.
It is also handy for pickling and dressing.



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