Vegetarian Worcestershire Sauce

I have made a year supply of thick Worcestershire sauce.

It looks difficult but NO, it is very simple as long as you have the ingredients.

Basically puree the ingredients and cook! Keep on cooking it until it reaches your desired thickness. 

For better looking sauce you can strain it but I do not strain.
I reduce the amount of sugar by substitute dates, a natural sweetener.
I usually let it sit overnight and taste the sauce the next day.

Then I heat it up again and bring to a boil to can it. Can the sauce in canning jars and store in cool places. I have kept them over a year and they are fine.

Today I doubled the recipe!


Stewed tomato 400g
Carrot 1 medium
Onion 1
Celery 1/2
Apples 2
Garlic 10g
Ginger 10g
Water 1000cc

Soy sauce 100cc
Light brown sugar 150g
Vinegar 100cc
Salt 50g (could be less if you are condensing the sauce)
Cinnamon 2g
Nutmeg 2g
Red chili 2g
Clove 2g
Allspice 5g
Sage 2g
Cumin 1g
Cardamon 1g
Bay leaves 3



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