A Fine Cup of Tea

A nice cup of Japanese green tea can make your day.

I enjoy the process of preparing as well as the tea itself.

First you need boiling water which will cool down to the right temperature.

especially made to cool down the hot water

This is used to cool down the hot water to an appropriate temperature. Let it sit about a minute or two to get the

right temperature(80-90℃/170-180℉)
 not adding cold water!

If the hot water is too hot, it will burn the tea leaves and as a result your cup of tea will not be green and the bitterness will be apparent.

If the temperature is just right, you will have a very aromatic green tea without the bitterness.

If you don't have 'yuzamashi', you can pour the piping hot water directly into your tea cups and after a minute or two you will pour this hot water into the tea pot.

Put in the green tea, about 1 tablespoon for a cup of tea /about 2 tablespoons for 2 or 3 cups.

Pour the hot water into the tea pot. Let is sit for 30 or 45 seconds.

Hold the tea pot and gently move the tea pot from side to side. This will stir the hot water in the pot and the tea leaves will have a chance to open in the water.

Serve the tea little by little evenly to all the tea cups.
Do not fill one cup and then fill the next cups.

Tilt the tea pot and pour out all the tea until the last drop.

You can enjoy up to 3 pots of tea with the same tea leaves.

right temperature
right amount of tea
right timing and
good tea leaves make an excellent cup of tea



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