Japanese Vegetable Knife

Everything becomes possible with a proper knife.
Traditional Japanese vegetarian cooking involves lots of chopping which is quite a lot of work,  but this knife makes cutting and slicing a true joy.

Nakiri bocho 菜切り包丁,  a Japanese vegetable knife, with its wide blade makes chopping easy as we press the knife through the vegetable to the cutting board without horizontal pushing or pulling like the western cutting technique.

There are many different ways to chop vegetables and they each have special names for how they are cut (I wont' go into that here...) just with this one knife.

I recently had my OWN knife made! by a famous knife shop in Japan owned by an acquaintance.

This handmade Japanese vegetable knife has the name of the craftsman on the blade near the knife's wooden handle.

It even has my name, Naoko 「直子」in kanji!

Proper kitchen utensils make cooking a lot more fun and efficient.

If you are interested here is the URL from where I bought my knife.
Go to..

knives from JIKKO English page

Happy Cooking!


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