Japanese Grinder Bowl and Grater

For sophisticated cooking, Japanese cooking tools are rather simple.

すり鉢 'suri-bachi', A Japanese earthenware grinding bowl or a mortar and
すりこぎ 'suri-kogi', a wooden pestle.

These are used to grind sesame seeds, tofu, nuts, and anything else you want to grind. (about 12 inches in diameter)
You can substitute with a western tool such as an electric grinder and it might be easier,  but to my taste,  grinding sesame seeds with this is THE best.

As a child, one of my first tasks as a kitchen helper was to hold and secure the mortar so that an adult could grind the sesame seeds with ease.
It takes skill to turn the pestle in a good rhythm.

This little 'suri-bachi' is on the table for freshly ground sesame seeds.
I carved this little pestle out of a madrone branch I found around my house.

おろし金 'oroshi-gane' Japanese grater

These are used to grate daikon radish, ginger, and other vegetables.
Sharp teeth on these graters makes fine grated daikon radish.

I don't have an cheese grater so instead this comes in handy for cheese too.

Simple tools that have many different usages are good ways to keep your
kitchen from getting cluttered.

Love cooking!


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