Okara mochi

‘Okara Mochi’ Okara Patties

Ingredients:  makes 6-7 2” oval patties

1/2C okara packed
1/2C Tapioca flour
2-4 TBS water (to soften the dough)
Oil for frying
Nori seaweed

Add tapioca flour to okara. Add water a spoonful at a time and mix well.
Dough should be pretty soft, just enough to shape.
Make thin patties. (cooks better when thin)
Fry in a pan with oil until both sides are golden.
Put teriyaki sauce and wrap with Nori.

Teriyaki Sauce
Ingredients: makes 100cc

2 TBS shoyu
2 TBS sake
2 TBS mirin (Japanese sweet wine)
1 TBS sugar

Put together sake, mirin, and sugar and simmer until alcohol is evaporated.
Add shoyu and simmer. Do not boil.
Keeps in a jar for a couple of months.


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