Sweetened Toasted Walnuts

This is very light version of caramelized walnut.
A bit of sweetness over walnuts are a good addition to the bitterness of the walnuts.

I like them over my salad, Japanese style mixed rice (like a rice salad), stir fried noodles or even have them for a snack.


1 C unsalted walnuts, preferably raw walnuts.
1 TBS maple syrup.


Roast the walnuts in a cast iron pan.
Put the nuts in a cold pan.
First on medium heat.
Reduce heat after the pan is warm and nuts become warm.
Turn the heat to low and shake the pan or stir the nuts, constantly.
Don't let them burn!

When the nuts are pretty hot to the touch, drizzle maple syrup evenly.
Mix the walnut lightly just so that the syrup is nicely mixed. 

Here's the tip!

DO NOT  over stir the nuts at this point!

If you do, the sugar in the maple syrup will crystalize and they will look powdery and taste powdery.

Put them on a dish to cool and store.

on my rice dish

on my salad

on my noodles

wrapped and all ready for a pot luck party!


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