Plating and Dishes


"A well balanced meal"

My goal in teaching Shojin Ryori Zen vegetarian meal. 

Which is  '一汁三菜' ichi-jyu - san-sai

一汁 Ichi-jyu  (Rice, Soup, and Pickles)  

三菜 San-Sai (three side dishes) 

Most basic meal is called "ichi-jyu issai. 一汁一菜 

A bowl of rice, miso soup, pickles, and ONE  side dish.

However, for ordinary meal, adding two more side dish is the norm and is recommended in terms of complete and well-balanced meal.

一汁三菜 ichi jyu san sai


一汁 Ichi-jyu  (Rice, Soup, and Pickles)  

三菜 San-Sai (three side dishes) 


Of course, one meal can have more dishes and in that case side dishes are added by increments of odd numbers.
Ichi-jyu  (Rice, Soup, and Pickles)  Go-Sai (Five side dishes)  一汁五菜 and goes on.

Ichi-jyu 一汁 ichi-one,  jyu(jiru) means soup (pickles always accompanies rice and soup)Sai writes 菜  means vegetable

In my classes, I emphasis to cook this complete meal  Ichi-jyu  (Rice, Soup, and Pickles)  San-Sai (Three side dishes)

The basic rule must be followed in all Japanese meal.

Rice: Left front

Soup:   Right front

Pickles: Between or near the rice and the soup

Three side dishes: In the back  

Itadaki masu 

Thank you for the food.


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