"Asazuke" Japanese lightly pickled vegetables

 ~Lightly pickled Asazuke~

'Tsukemono' is a general term for Japanese pickles.

Japanese pickle are usually pickled with salt and sometimes with Koji or rice bran(nuka).

No marinade with sugar and vinegar.

Sourness is the result of fermentation. We enjoy lightly pickle vegetables as well as aged and fermented pickles.

Here I will introduce the simplest pickles you can make.

Pickled with just salt.

This is basically pickles that are not fermented, so you can enjoy it like a salad.

How much salt??
Salt....about 2% of the weight of the vegetable used.

Chinese cabbage 4-5 leaves
Good sea salt 2% of the weight of the vegetables 
May add kombu, red chili, yuzu, ginger, mirin, sake, shio-koji

soy sauce, sesame seeds, shiso

Wash and cut the vegetables.

Add kombu and salt and some red chili (optional).

I often add cucumber as well.

Rub in the salt.

Thoroughly rub the vegetable until the vegetable is wilted. 



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