Why not dry your zucchini??

One of the major food sources in Zen vegetarian cooking is dried vegetables.
It is not just to preserve the vegetables; by drying them they become more nutritious and flavorful.
Many dried vegetables are used in Zen cooking as a vegetable stock;
 'Shiitake-mushrooms' for example.

So, why not dry zucchini????

Chopping and drying zucchini on the sunny porch.  

Let them sun-bathe! At least for half a day;
occasionally stirring them so that they will dry evenly.

Sundown....pack them in sandwich bags...and off to the freezer.
At this point zucchinis are about half of what they were before drying;
still not completely dried. 
 Keep them moist and half dried.

This way you don't need to defrost or soak them before using.
Just grab some and throw them into your favorite dish.

You can cut them in different shapes and thicknesses.
Today I chopped them small for my zucchini patties!

For just two in the family, this is a perfect way to eat this gigantic zucchini in one dish!

(Recipe will follow shortly)

Vegetables love care♪


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