How to Make in-Edible Persimmons Edible

Persimmons are native to China and they are a very popular autumn-winter fruit in Korea and in Japan.
High in vitamin A and C. 

However... many types of persimmons need help before they can be eaten.
                    Unripened persimmons have terrible puckery, wool-in-your-mouth, astringent sensations.

Then, how do you prepare them?

By dipping each persimmon stems in alcohol such as vodka or sho-chu and keeping them air-tight in a plastic bag or container for over a week. This will take out the astringent sensation from the fruits and make them edible and sweet.

Another way is to put some apples with the persimmons for over a week. This has the same effect as the alcohol dipping.

Apart from these two common methods, I have come across another way.

That freeze the persimmon.

My experiment begins..

I put the persimmon in the freezer

24 hours later.. took a bite!!

yuk! in-edible!!

48 hours later... a little better but not edible.

In the meantime, the persimmons with apples are looking good!

Found one that was ready to eat!

I guess I got to give a little more time...
I should try freezing again cut into pieces without the skin.

Old wisdom always works better!!



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