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“Takikomi-Gohan” 炊き込みご飯

A Japanese-Style Pilaf


rice 2C

water (or your favorite dashi, broth) 2C

shoyu 2 TBS

mirin 2 TBS

gobo 1/2 (skinny end)

carrots 1/3 (skinny end)

aburage 1

dried shiitake mushrooms 3 medium size (soaked), other fresh mushrooms.

dried hijiki seaweed 1 TBS (soaked)


1. Wash 2 cups rice and drain the water with a colander and then add 2 cups of water. Let is sit at least 30 minutes.

2. Chop the shiitake mushroom set aside.

3. Rinse the previously soaked hijiki seaweed under running water for several times.

4. Peel the gobo, carrots and then shave them using a knife or a peeler. Shaving should be small about 1 inch at the most. Soak them in a bowl of water until needed.

5. Put the aburage in a colander and pour hot water over it to rinse off the excess oil. Chop aburage into thin and small pieces.

6. Blanch the peas and cut them in fourth.

Cooking procedures:

1. Set the rice and water in a rice cooker

2. Add 2 TBS of shoyu and  2 …

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