Saturday, October 26, 2013

A Casual Meal for an Unexpected Guest

Served a casual meal for a friend who came to help us with cutting some trees.
It was a beautiful autumn day and we enjoyed eating out on our picnic table.

Flavored rice wrapped with swiss chard
rice:swiss chard stems, white miso, and fish (shirasu)

Steamed cauliflower with guacamole, apples with tofu sauce
tofu sauce: tofu (ground till smooth), sugar and peanut butter

Cold soba noodle with fish broth
condiments: grated daikon radish, deep fried tofu (aburage), and seaweed (wakame)

deep fried tofu with grated daikon radish with citrus soy sauce,
peppers, roasted zucchini with white miso
fried tofu: seaweed (hijiki), onion, burdock roots (gobo)

                                                             Happy meal ♫

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